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Meet the Team Behind the B2B Network

Rose Yee Green RetirementRose and KaboomRose Penelope L. Yee, Chief Visionary Officer, Green Retirement, Inc.
Rose has worked in various management roles in banking and international trade finance. In 2015, Rose was recognized by the National Association of Plan Advisors as one of the Captains of Industry in its inaugural recognition of the role that women play in the retirement plan industry. She co-founded and co-led WeTheChange, a collective of B Corp women CEOs with a purpose of “creating a radically inclusive and richly regenerative global economy.” For her efforts in helping B Corp B2B’s connect, build, and grow their businesses, Rose received a B Economy Leadership Award in 2018. Conscious Company Media recognized her as one of the World Changing Women of 2020.

Rose holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of San Agustin and a Masters in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines where she was consistently on the Dean’s List. She loves experimenting with whole grain baking and is obsessed with knitting. She loves that she can knit while attending Zoom meetings!
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nathan stuck  of Profitable Purpose ConsultingNathan StuckNathan A. Stuck
Nathan is an award winning leader in the B Corp community and the Founder & CEO of Profitable Purpose Consulting. He also founded and chairs B Local Georgia and hosts the Be The Change Georgia podcast. Nathan teaches an experiential MBA course on B Corps at the University of Georgia and serves on the board of B Academics, a nonprofit committed to research and experiential B Corp learning opportunities around the world.

When he isn’t working to reinvent capitalism and make good companies great, he can be found playing with his three dogs or cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs with his wife Meg.
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Andrew Schuricht of Valor CSR with sonAndy and his sonAndrew Schuricht
I’m the founder of Valor CSR, the first Certified B Corp in Las Vegas. My dream, though, is to have dozens of B Corps in Las Vegas (and every other city,) and the B2B B Corps group is the way to make that happen. Whenever I need to refer clients to services we don’t provide, if there’s a B Corp providing that service – I know that my client will be in good hands. Please come join us and help us grow this network of great resources!
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Kamala and Lovie of PetsCangoKamala and LovieKamala Appel
I am new to the group and somewhat new to the B-community (supporter since 2018) based in the SF Bay Area. I have been a producer/ PM for more than half my life. I have produced a number of docs for other businesses and nonprofits and have a passion for wildlife, animals, and environmentalism. Many of my mentors have suggested that I start a nonprofit- ugh! I want to be nimble and move with speed and timeliness. I was so excited when I found a community of businesses that “get it”: You can be driven to address some of the world’s challenges with business as your vehicle for positive change.

To me a group that focuses on B2B networking lets us become a community and a team working towards a larger goal of changing how business is done. (I love team sports- Go Niners and Warriors!). Oh yeah, and a step towards that is supporting each other. Currently, I am the vol who is helping to maintain the website and web content. If you want to see more/ less of something or just want to connect, feel free to reach out to me through LinkedIn.
Caroline Michael AsialaCaroline Michael AsialaCaroline Michael Asiala
Caroline is the former founder BCentrico, a subsidiary of Centrico Digital, which she successfully guided to achieve B Corps certification. Committed to social justice, Caroline’s international experiences also include working for the rights of refugees and immigrants in the Americas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Health from Alma College and the University of Victoria Gustavson School of Business ‘Leading the Sustainability Transformation’ Professional Certificate, powered by WholeWorks.
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