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We are B Corps with business-to-business (B2B) sales models. We seek to collaborate on initiatives designed to grow our respective businesses and increase our impact.

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  • Every 2nd Thursday of the month
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Please reserve every second Thursday of the month from 12:00-1:00 PM PST  for our monthly calls.
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Minutes of our meetings can be accessed via Google Drive.



To submit a blog post for our monthly newsletter please email the link to the blog to info@coherencecollaborative.com 



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Potential projects

Developing a referral program

Doing business directly with one another

Partnering to attend trade shows & conferences to market our B Corp Certifications to target customers

Growing awareness about the B Corp Certification to sustainability and procurement professionals



Please fill out this form so we can have a complete directory of our members and their respective fields of expertise.

We are open to all of your suggestions on how we can best help each other grow. We welcome any resources you can share. We are happy to connect with you via the Hive or in person.