September 2022: Chat Transcripts

00:22:55 Russ Stoddard: Good to know!
00:22:57 Jennifer Piette, Narrative Food: We bank with Beneficial here in LA!
00:23:15 MicheleButton-BeneficialStateBank: Thank you Annie and Jennifer!
00:23:46 Jennifer Piette, Narrative Food: (And I realize in my introduction I forgot to say what Narrative Food does: we create impact-driven corporate gifts sourcing from small scale food vendors.
00:24:38 Shamini Dhana (California): Hi – Where will we find this recording? B Hive?
00:24:51 Christopher Arnold:
00:25:11 Michelle | HigherRing (she/her): Narrative Food boxes are the BEST – I just ordered and benefited World Central Kitchen!
00:25:50 Christopher Arnold: Hi, Shamini. We will post to our website.
00:26:00 Jennifer Piette, Narrative Food: THank you Michelle : ) 😄
00:26:26 Shamini Dhana (California): Thank you for posting link to recording.
00:27:50 Shamini Dhana (California): FYI – for those interested in the “greenwashing” going on in the fashion world and impact, please see the following groundbreaking report
00:30:09 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Thank you for the great resource, Shamini! I’ll definitely check that out!
00:33:13 Jenn Diesi (she/her): PBC here.
00:33:20 Michelle | HigherRing (she/her): YES! HigherRing is a California PBC!
00:33:30 JonZeltsman: Down to Earth is cert B since 2014. In process of becoming PB Corp
00:33:35 Aaron Cruikshank: we are a BC Benefit Company.
00:33:37 Laura Marella: Overflow is a PBC too!
00:33:40 Bob Willard: In case it is of interest, the free, open-source, SME-Friendly Basic Sustainability Assessment Tool (BSAT) is available at It uses only 20 multiple-choice questions to help companies self-assess their impacts on all core environmental and social issues that are contained in mainstream sustainability reporting frameworks. Think of it as a warm-up for the BIA. 😊
00:33:50 Carolyn: Thinkshift Communiciations is a PBC.
00:34:17 Russ Stoddard: Thanks for that resource, Bob.
00:35:24 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): This is such a helpful resource! Not only for us as a BCorp but also our suppliers and even business clients. I am really glad I came to the call today! Sending a LinkedIn message to you Polina, but in case it gets missed, I’d love to follow up with someone on this team!
00:35:31 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her):
00:35:54 Jennifer Piette, Narrative Food: I’m so sorry, I have to hop off to a 12:30 call…
00:36:09 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): Thanks for that resource Bob! Going to look into this possibility for our suppliers/clients as well.
00:37:05 Russ Stoddard: Rachel, Polina’s co-founder here. Since we’re both “Mountain West,” I’ll ping you via email.
00:39:54 Elise Allyn (she/her) – Conscious Revolution: Conscious Revolution is a Maine PBC and this is so helpful in creating our first report!
00:40:10 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Mangrove:
00:40:34 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Catchafire:
00:40:52 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: WeFunder:
00:41:04 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Dr. Bronner’s:
00:41:30 Michelle | HigherRing (she/her): Those hot corners!
00:41:37 Caroline Asiala: Hi everyone! Sorry for the tardiness. I have a recurring meeting at this time. 🙂 Good to see everyone
00:41:58 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Hey Caroline! No worries, thank you for joining us!
00:42:06 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): Yay WeFunder! If anyone is interested in using WeFunder to raise capital from your community, we’re currently raising with them and I’d love to chat about what we’re learned. ( if you’d like to check out our company example) we chose them because of their impact!
00:45:06 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Great presentation, Polina!
00:45:17 JonZeltsman: can us show us some sample output reports?
00:46:12 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): Perfect, just wanted to clarify.
00:46:32 victorbakhuis: Which tool is this? The impact report generator?
00:46:57 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Yes!
00:47:36 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): That is perfect for us
00:48:05 Jenn Diesi (she/her): can we get a link to the tool ?
00:48:08 Annie Wissmiller (she/her): I feel like I missed this at the beginning – when is the tool live?
00:48:11 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): If either of you have that link handy send it along, if not I’ll hunt it down later!
00:48:27 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: @jonzeltsman we will have sample impact reports available when we launch the full platform!
00:49:00 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): Oh I think I also missed that it isn’t live yet. Looking forward to launch!
00:49:03 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: The tool is live next week!
00:49:28 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): 🥳
00:52:14 Carolina Miranda (she/her): Can’t wait to see this go live! I’ve been telling our clients about it already, and we’re all excited to use it. 🙂 It will be great resource for both companies that are working towards B Corp certification or recertification.
00:52:42 Jenn Diesi (she/her): Can we get a link to the site?
00:52:54 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her):
00:52:55 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: I’ll post the link! 🙂
00:53:00 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her):
00:53:10 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): and for others eager to partner/affiliate
00:53:30 Michelle | HigherRing (she/her): Super excited to finish up our data input and see what the output is!
00:53:46 Carolyn: Polina and Russ, this looks fabulous. I’ll be talking to Sandra about it.
00:53:51 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): Very informally
00:54:03 Caroline Asiala: ^ same
00:54:22 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Yes! is the link for the tool!
00:54:26 Annie Wissmiller (she/her): Excited for this tool to help us keep our impact reporting consistent YOY
00:54:46 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Yay! @Annie Wissmiller
00:57:33 Michelle | HigherRing (she/her): I’m excited because it will help us fulfill our PBC requirement better and more professionally than what we’re doing now.
00:57:59 victorbakhuis: I need to go people, thank you very much for all the great information!
00:58:07 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Thank you, Victor!
00:58:22 Caroline Asiala: In New York, you have to file a report
00:59:11 Carolina Miranda (she/her): I have to jump off, but thank you, Russ & Polina (and Alisa in absentia)! This is a wonderful tool that is going to be helpful for so many people.
00:59:12 Caroline Asiala: I remember that being the case for NEw York, too
00:59:20 Caroline Asiala: Really hard to figure out what to do
00:59:26 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Thank you, Carolina!
01:00:18 Erica Buyalos | Oliver Russell: Yes! I have the requirements for Maine @Elise and can send them over to you! Feel free to email me if they’d be helpful!
01:00:43 Elise Allyn (she/her) – Conscious Revolution: Thank you @Erica!
01:02:08 Christopher Arnold:
01:02:24 Elise Allyn (she/her) – Conscious Revolution: This lovely human works at my coworking space and might be a good resource:
01:02:26 Christopher Arnold: Jeffrey Pote
01:03:40 Michelle | HigherRing (she/her): Nicely done Polina & Russ!
01:03:45 Nicole Tennison | Fairware | she/her: Thank you!
01:03:51 Elise Allyn (she/her) – Conscious Revolution: This was amazing. Thank you so much!
01:03:52 Christopher Arnold:
01:04:01 Jenn Diesi (she/her): Love it Polina!
01:04:54 Shamini Dhana (California): Grateful for the opportunity to hear, share and learn from everyone here – blessings and take care!
01:05:14 Laura Marella: Thanks!
01:05:22 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): Don’t close the meeting yet please so I can copy notes!
01:05:51 Rachel Kois – Simple Switch (she/her): Oh thank you!!